Day 152. 213 days and $210 left togo.

Where's the beef?? Yep, that's my little 80s intro, because get a load of this... Day 152 - Before

White shortsuit (my new term for this non-jump or pant suit) with blue/pink/orange/purple paint swishes was screaming "let's get physical."

Let me hear your body talk, body talk!

I couldn't even fully put it on myself! I'll have to re-scope out that video again, because I'm certain that this could have been on one of the workout extras in the background. There was no chance I was going to be doing any workouts in this onesie, so I had to make some tweaks. I loved the fitted top - slightly leotardy - but was not into the shorts aspect, so I got out my scissors and cut them apart!! Yay skirted shirt that feels like a figure skatery ensemble! I gave it a new hem and it was almost ready to wear.

Now, I've had this piece for a bit and I ended up throwing it into a vat of dye about a month back when other pieces were getting some color too. The white with multi-colored was a little too 80s...all I needed was a sweatband to wear around my head, but it's not Halloween yet so I'll put my Olivia Newton-John costume on the back burner for the time being. It was RIT's Teal and the after product was a pretty, subtle shade of light turquoise. (Still gathering white pieces for the dye tutorial...shall be arriving soon!!!)

Day 152 - After

Goodbye 80s shortsuit! Not lookin' so Jane Fonda workout anymore, even though a class at the gym is a pretty good idea right now with all the Smore Pizza leftovers in my kitch :)


Now that I brought up the lovely Miss Fonda's name, I can't get this song out of my head. Thanks for writing lyrics that make me want to bang my head against the wall because I can't stop humming along, Mickey Avalon. Really appreciate it.

"One, two, three, four get your booty on the dance floor work it out, shake it little momma lemme see you do the Jane Fonda"