Day 150. 215 days and $212 left togo.

Now I just found this puppy over the weekend and was immediately obsessed. Can you perhaps guess why? Day 150 - Before

That's right, it totally had a Pucci-esque vibe and I heart Mr. Emilio Pucci. The only problem is that with my yearly budget, which friends is already a third of the way through, there is no way I'd be able to even come close to snagging the real deal. Perhaps I'll come into luck and find a piece mislabeled or being sold by someone who really doesn't know what Pucci is, I can only hope, right? I don't tend to have good parking juju, so I won't hold my breath :) the ball park of $1800

Like Pucci's dress above, it had a super 60s feeling - total bold print and pattern. The only difference...the price tag (mine was only a buck!!) and the "Mr. Dino's" (who was the designer) printed all over the fabric in the big white flowers.

Because the middle area of the dress was still a bit baggy even with the drawstring, I decided to cut off the bottom and go skirtless :)

From dress to top

That was all that was really needed to get this piece into tip-top shape. A quick mend of the raw edges and it was wear time.

Day 150 - After

Paired with my skinny jeans, the top was just the hint of 60s that I was looking for today. The below wasn't as 60s, but also a necessity for the day.

Dusk Snack...Smore Pizza

I mean what's better than a Smore Pizza, thank you Guy Fieri for the recipe, as a happy hour treat, right? Ooh, well perhaps the addition of this?

Dusk drink time!

Lounge chair + beer totally rules as the sun begins to go down. Who says you have to be at a bar to enjoy a little happy hour action? Not me!!