Day 149. 216 days and $213 left togo.

I mean, if you ask me, nothing says Monday more than Aztec prints on a beltless dress :) Day 149 - Before

Actually, more along the lines of an 80s version of an Aztec pattern but Rihanna is feeling the vibe too...

Me & Riri - we gonna run this town in Aztec print

Again I find myself with some shoulder pads that have morphed into a quasi-Nerf-type-instrument of sport. I may substitute this at the next croquet match, wiffle ball game or hacky-sack competish...(this is open for discussion, so if you've got a radder game idea, do share.)

Slightly deformed shoulder pads...

After snipping out the pads, I had to tackle the belt loops next.

Belt loops...soon to be removed!

There were two rather large ones solely in the front of the dress, so I cut them both out. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of belt originally went through those. It was the 80s, so perhaps the previous owner used an actual python to cinch up her frame. I'm sure she was wearing snake skin somewhere on her - if not the belt - that's for sure!

I wasn't pleased with the neckline and with the shoulder pads now out, there was a little more space happening up there.

Fixin' that collar

I ended up cutting a straight line from the top of the dress down a couple of inches, pulled back the edges, and created a newer, roundish, V-ish neck.

Ooh, and of course, the shortening of the length was the last change. Brought it up above my knees and now we're talking. New neck, padless shoulders, belt loops gone and tiny navy sash added for flair - hello Monday ensemble. Lovely to see you!

Day 149 - After

Ooh, and you probably couldn't tell, but take a look at these puppies!!

Pockets are a girl's best friend

I mean, seriously. Those pockets...sigh.

* Two lovely gals - Miss S at Those Tricks and M Girl at Out of Order did a little Q & A action with yours truly. Such an honor to chat with these awesomely creative girls. They're already on my Google Reader, and I have a feeling that you may be adding to yours as well. Makes me want to take some voyages up to Santa Cruz and Dallas for crafty visits! xx