Day 148. 217 days and $214 left togo.

Funday, Sunday has arrived! It was gorge today, so yes...the sundress is coming out. Sleeveless, check. Floral, check. Paired with some sandals, it's time to let that warm, sunshine in. Today's felt like an apron - there was the high-ish neck, the A-line fit, the pockets, however I was not going to be playing in the kitchen this Sunday. Oh no friends, I'm taking Sunday off :) Day 148 - Before

I wanted to make it a little more fun, so shortening up the dress was the first thing on my agenda.

 Au revoir too long dress!

I cut about six inches off of the bottom of the dress and gave the raw edging a brand new hem. That extra material above will come in handy, but we'll chat about that in a few.

Next, it was imperative to fix the neck. I was not into the completely straight neckline and wanted to open it up a bit, so I cut the center an inch or so to give it a mild V neck. Pinned it under, stitched it up and we were almost done.

New cut!

Now being that the dress was still a larger A-line style, instead of bringing it in and sewing it up, I took that extra material and tied it into a pretty bow around my waist. Easy cinch and I've got another piece that I have a very large crush on.

Day 148 - After

I love my newly crafted Sunday dress. It enjoyed a little bit of thrifting before really not working in the kitchen and heading to someone else's. Yes, the kitchen of Umami Burger was visited. Just checky...

Chilis and cheese?  Sign me up.

The seriousness of this Hatch burger full of four styles of green chilis and their house cheese was a sight to behold. And lemme tell you, each and every one of those bites was savored as if it were my last. A little addition of some Belgium Allagash and some of Mr. Hitachino from Japan...

Hello Owl.

...and the meal was complete. I couldn't have even come close to that in my kitch.

Complete food coma

And what followed was a nap that lasted about three hours, yep three hours. The blend of the warm sun and the delish eats and libations just makes this gal sleepy. Perfect Sunday Funday.