Day 145. 220 days and $217 left to go.

Now, it's the finale to Project Runway tonight friends, and yes, I've watched and know who won. Unlike some people who exist on our Facebook pages who like to tell the world what happens in real time (I mean seriously, I rely heavily on my TiVo and rarely watch anything live) on say LOST, 24, Top Chef or any of those actiony-event or game shows where spoilers really suck when you haven't watched yet - I will keep the winner to myself, as perhaps a few of you may have passed out before Klum said Auf Wiedersehen to the two non-winners. Let's just say that CLICK HERE FOR WINNER had a piece that I was obsessed with and I'll have to try to recreate myself at some point. So, to my challenge for the day...this navy/white dress below...

Day 145 - Before

First thing's first - those silk flowers, WHAT?!? Yeah, they had to go! Can I just mention - they both had pin backs on them but they were actually sewed down to the dress as well as being pinned? Somebody did not want these suckers to come off and honestly I have no idea why!

Next I unbuttoned the top three buttons, folded the excess material under and pinned down the new collar.

Fold down that collar!

I sewed a brand new hem on my brand new V top! Now came the skirt...

Goodbye skirt!!

I took a seam ripper and undid the navy material that was attached - the pleated material balled up above will find itself turned into something along the way, a shrug perhaps? We'll see. Oh, and there was something else that needed to get undone...


Shoulder pads! I mean, this dress just SCREAMED shoulder pads, didn't it? Next time, we're going to play a little game of "Pads, No Pads" and you guys will have to make the executive decision of whether or not they're a part of the ensembles. Until then, these SP's came out and the new shirt was pret-√°-porter.

Day 145 - After

The drapey sleeves ended up being my favorite part of my new boho shirt. They were still big, however I loved that I could adjust how they fell on my arms. I have to say how I'm even more pleased with how this came out, as my first inclination was to perhaps save the pleats and form a skirt from this dress.

Close Up!

Little trade secret...on shirts that may be a bit too low-cut, or made of material that will move regardless if it's windy or not outside, Topstick is a life saver. Made for keeping toupee stuck to those heads who wear them, it's also a gem to make sure your shirts stay in place without any accidental flashing. And, clearly I pressed down a little too much on my right side (left looking at it above), as there's a little spot where it's sticking quite well to my chest. Better safe than sorry, right?!