Day 146. 219 days and $216 lefttogo.

On the agenda for tonight was some hand crafting, and I'm not talking about sewing! Myself and four others signed up for "Friday Night Furniture Assembly" featuring pasta, wine, some Snickers Turtle Pie, and putting together a dining room set full of six chairs and one very large table. I couldn't wait, as a mini-hiatus from the sewing machine was a little treat. Still working with my hands, sans the accidental pinning myself multiple times in an evening, was exactly what I was jonesing for. So, I went for something that just required a little bit of cutting.

Day 146 - Before

It's a bit of Gone With the Wind (no hat and clearly less crinoline and hoop skirt action) - with the lacey trim, pastel color and pleated skirt, I felt for a moment like Scarlett. Then I realized this was an old nightgown and not a costume and that we were also in the 2000s. I loved the pleating on the spandexy fabric and in all honesty, if that material was a bit less forgiving, then I would have kept it as a dress. Unfortunately, everything showed through and trying to find an undergarment that would not be crazy noticeable was going to be an issue, and let me be the first to say...I have a lot of undergarments.

Trim, trim, trim

I loved the lace part, so the only thing I wanted to change was the length. Like I said before, I didn't want to keep it as a dress (no thank you, lines of any kind!!) so I decided to go shorter. I took it up to my knees and had a great new top almost ready to wear. Now it was super billowy and was shapeless, so I grabbed a navy sash and tied a loose bow around my waist. I then pulled a bit of the material out from under the sash to give it some texture and body.

Day 146 - After

I have to say, I really enjoy the jeans underneath. It's still long enough to work as a bikini cover up if I really need/want to ever try it as a dress, but I seriously doubt that moment will arise.

Back to the manual labor and the chair I was determined to finish. I feel like I'm rather good at following directions and putting things together - I can rock out some IKEA furniture (thanks to years of practice), and that paired with my borderline brown belt map reading skills, I'd be successful in the completion of my task.

Putting final touches on my chair!

After my ratchet wielding hands tightened up all those screws, the chair was ready to be tested.

Sitting on the chair I handcrafted, kinda :)

Now, I'm not gonna lie - I was keeping my fingers crossed that my chair wouldn't collapse. Luckily it didn't and no bodily I've got a small bruise on my wrist, but just part of the job, right?

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)