Day 144. 221 days and $218 left to go.

I'm in total spring mode...maybe it's because of the sporadic rain showers, the gorgeous roses in bloom at home or the allergies that come from all that pollen in the air, or maybe it's just because of the floral covered pieces I've been finding in my thrifting travels?? Irregardless...(preferably spoken in a Boston accent like Jimmy Fallon & Rachel Dratch in that brill "Sully & Denise" sketch on SNL a few years back - pic below for a refresher) Sully!!  Da-neese!!

...I'm feeling it, so today's dress was the perfect choice for my spring fever.

Day 144 - Before

Yikes!! Lots of problems going on, but the worst one of them all?? The terrible, sand-papery waffle fabric below...

Close Up of the Waffle Action

Now sure, it looks like it could be a deliciously, soft, thermal-type material...but friends, it was everything but. (I only wish you could feel it for yourselves to see, however friends below can vouch!!) Not only did I feel like I was exfoliating my skin while wearing it, it was turning a bit reddish which was not looking so good. My skin is way too sensitivo, so I was going to have to do some trimming.

First I cut off the sleeves - adios to the white cuffs (that I wasn't so into anyway) and not so comf material below my arms. I then cut the dress to fall a little above my knees - the length was just too much and like I said earlier, I was trying to get rid of the excess fabric, not hold onto it.

Next came the collar - it dated the dress too much and since I got rid of the white cuffs, the collar was going to follow suit.

Ripping out the collar!

With my seam ripper I got down to business time. Off came one side of the collar...

Half down, half to go!

...and the other side came next. I pinned together the two pieces of fabric (the collar was stitched in between the two) and sewed a brand new hem. I must say, I was really, really loving the outcome.

Day 144 - After

I mean, this actually has a similar vibe to the dress that I was obsessed with on -

Conservation Society Dress courtesy of

Apparently other people were obsessed too and it's now sold out, but still I love how the fabric is so similar and getting rid of the cuffs/collar makes it look equally as current :) The perfect thing for a night out with the girls (and a few dudes...we won't leave you out fellas) to celebrate the last meal we'll have together before MM delivers the little lady in a week or so.

Flanking the lovely MM and lil lady M in her belly

Between discussions of the gloriousness of Yogurtland and their toppings/flavors/sample goodness broken down by an award-winning performance by NK, followed by pregnancy pillow talk (who knew!!), and more Yogurtland discussion, I decided to get myself a present. NO, I did not get a preggo pillow yet friends, I got me some yoggie.


Even though it was pretty cold outside, the idea of Red Velvet Cupcake Batter, Fresh Strawberry, Vanilla Wafer Cookies & Cream, and Dutch Chocolate with a few raspberries, strawberries and blackberries (yay antioxidants!!) was embedded in my head that I couldn't resist the temptation. One word - RIDICULOUSYUMMILICIOUSDIVINITY.