Day 138. 227 days and $224 left to go.

Now that April 15th has arrived, taxes have been paid or an extension filed, refunds have been received (hopefully for most of you, who unlike me did not have the pleasure of owing this year) and it's time to take a deep breath and start collecting receipts for all the 2010 write-offs for next year :) Yeah, I've already begun adding them to my old pink Betsey Johnson shoebox... The drab, dark and dreary tax cloud has disappeared, and found itself hovering over Europe...

That's some serious ash - courtesy of Dallas Morning News

I wonder if Mt. Eyjafjallajokull was just waiting until today to erupt? In any event, I thought that wearing a sunny piece would be just the right thing for the day.

Day 138 - Before

I found this piece sifting through gobs and gobs of old pieces at a garage sale and it's in rather excellent condition being that it's a crepe-y material. I was shocked there were no holes or tears. I loved the colors (and the black sequined trim) as well, but as a dress, I thought there was a little too much going on. Also, if I were to just keep it as a dress, I would need a serious belt to not only cinch it, but to break up the bold colors.

I decided to head down the tunic route and cut off the bottom off.

From Dress to...

I was left with a billowy top which I was originally thinking about tightening up, however I loved the way that it was working. And that's all folks - I didn't do a lick of anything else to it to make it look like this.

Day 138 - After

With my black ribbed LAMade tank underneath, black flat vintage boots and a pair of old BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters, my outfit was perfection. Let's go back to the easy factor too - just a few minutes to go from overwhelmingly citrusy to light and fruity. I mean, I was described verbatim as "that fruit lady" which then after a game of "type in fruit lady to see what google says," it was figured out to be Carmen Miranda. I said Chiquita Banana, but got shot down. Will channel her for next time.

That Fruit Lady!! aka, the fabulous Carmen Miranda

All I'm missing is the headpiece...

Happy Camper!

...may have to start crafting one now for when I find Carmen Miranda/Chiquita Banana ensemble Part II. I feel confident that I'll come across something equally as bright. Maybe something with an actual fruit print on it too? I'm on the hunt friends!