Day 139. 226 days and $223 left to go.

Now today's piece wasn't the original plan for the day - I had another dress (denim/white gauze-y material/studs - I know...ridiculous) that I was planning to go with however, as my tweaking began, it took a turn and headed down a totally different road. It's going to work way better for the summer as it went from long-sleeved to strapless to spaghetti strapped in a few seconds flat. It's warm out, but it ain't that warm out. Instead, I went with the florals... Day 139 - Before

Now this floral puppy actually came with its' matching belt - shocker, I know!! It's one of the few vintage pieces I've found that actually had the belt attached. Unfortch, I wasn't going to be using it today. Plus, I don't think anybody would even be able to tell if it were on me or not because of how matchy, matchy it was. Speaking of matchy, matchy...

Plagued by matching shoulder pads!

The shoulder pads were also covered in the floral print! Now I'm digging the print, but there is a lot of it, so my first step was taking the top from high neck to a little bit of a V. Just a little peek of skin to break up the print a smidge. I cut a straight line about four inches down the front of the dress and pinned the sides under to create the V.

Here comes a new neck!

After pinning, I jumped to the sleeves and did a bit of trimming. As the original length of the sleeves hit my elbows, I decided to shorten them.

Cut Sleeves!

Post-trimming, I sewed down the raw edges of the sleeves and the neckline. Now, it's kind of hard to see, but there is a little 'skirt' around the waist that lays over the dress. I thought about taking it off, as it has a slight figure skater/ballet dancer feel, but held onto the flair and just shortened the bottom of the skirt.

Paired with my boots, I was ready for happy hour!

Day 139 - After

A little post-work cocktailing was had to ring in the weekend! We hit up Govind Armstrong's 8oz Burger Bar for a little drinky...

Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger puree, ginger ale & lime juice)

...and luckily for me it's literally around the corner from my casa. Walking home after a little HH action. Priceless. So, I ordered another...

I moved onto the Blackberry Collins...

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)