Day 137. 228 days and $225 left to go.

I was in a total dress mood today - did the top yesterday, jacket-y deal Monday, so I guess I was going through a bit of a dress withdrawal you could say. Said withdrawal being directly connected to the fact that my legs were freshly shaven and I wanted to give them the exposure they deserved :) (I know you girls feel me on this - the first day is always the best, right?!) Here is my pick for this lovely Wednesday!

Day 137 - Before

Now to be completely honest, the dress wasn't totally horrid the way it was, it just was lacking in something. That's when I had the brilliant idea of making the lace bib around the neck sheer. Because the lace right now was just flopping around (it was stitched to the neck and that's all - the rest was just moving all over the place) I had to stitch it down first.

Hand stitching!

I hand sewed the edge of the lace area to the actual dress to secure it down...

Cutting the fabric from underneath the newly stitched lace!

...and then cut out the white fabric from underneath. As the lace was now secure, I just trimmed the section of white fabric out that was directly beneath the lace.

I can see through the lace now!

Now it's sheer! Because the dress was a bit big in the waist, instead of sewing, I decided to just keep it as it was and added a navy belt to cinch it in. Paired with my tan boots, the dress was ready for a quick dinner of sush before a little screening.

Day 137 - After

I loved the way the new top of the dress looks now. A little more vintage-y with my skin peeking through instead of white fabric. Gives it more character, plus you can really see the lace detail! Why hide the best part of the dress, right? That's why I had to promote it from JV to Varsity.

Now, let me leave you with this bit of advice...sometimes when movies are free to go and see, it's still not worth it. I will not name names, but keep that in mind over the next week or so. I'd recommend staying in and catching up on a little HBO action instead - The Pacific and Treme are way better and contain less of an overwhelming abundance of estrogen :)