Day 136. 229 days and $226 left to go.

Happy Tuesday!! Not only am I excited for LOST this evening (I know all you Losties feel 'bout that Desmond?) as well as the return of Glee (lots having to do with Idina Menzel, Patrick Harris comma Neil, Kristin Chenoweth, & the songs of Madonna making appearances), but it's a cooking club night with the girlinas. Asian fare is on the menu, so I kind of thought this piece could work. There is red piping along the cap sleeves as well as along the mild V-neck collar which reminded me of a trip I took down to Chinatown months back scoping out some gorge silk dresses. (PS, my home page blog pic is from said Chinatown trip, thanks to JW, my personal Annie Lebovitz just without all the getting suing action). So I figured this would be the perfect outfit for this evening.

Day 136 - Before

This dress was a little off - weird length, definitely see through (hence the jeans under this puppy) and the arms were a bit too big for me. Just for the sheer (PUN!) fact that I don't think I own undergarments that wouldn't be seen beneath this, I opted to craft this into a top. Flashing on the radar today? Negative, friends.

I cut off the bottom portion of the dress (about a foot) and sewed a brand new hem around the bottom of my new top. I used maroon thread, so check out the close up below...

New Hem!

...after I hemmed the bottom of my top, I took in the dress on each side a few inches to make it a little more fitted.

Newly hemmed top and all that excess fabric

I loved that it still fell rather loosely as we had a meal of champions on the horizon.

Dumplings, chow mein, orange chicken, oh my!

I mean a spread of homemade dumplings, almond cookies, noodles, chx, some wasabi mashed potatoes and pickled cucumbers was spot on while we caught up and chatted about being featured on magazine covers (check out May's House Beautiful with MW's ridiculously amazing design skills on the cover!!) and a certain "Posh encounter with a type of spice."

Day 136 - After

Almond cookie in one hand, sake in the other? Yeah, just a Tuesday night in my books :)