Day 130. 235 days and $231 left to go.

I know a lot of you were feeling the warm today! It was in the 80s here in LA and I heard from friends in a bunch of other parts how it felt like summer. Sorry Chicago, I don't think you were a part of this group today, but don't worry...heat and humidity will be showing their hot and sticky faces soon :) I was thrilled to get the piece below ready for some non-tights or boots wearing action. Hello sandals, please find your way onto my feet today.

Day 130 - Before

A pastel candy-striper is the look right now. Slightly like Lisa Turtle in that Saved by the Bell ep where she was a candy striper at the hospital where her mom worked when Zack was admitted to fix his knee? Remember? Yeah, a little like that, so I needed to make some amends.

Let's begin with that left sleeve which had some dirt or something gross on it...

Cutting that dirrrrrty sleeve

Not so hot, so I decided to cut both sleeves off. I gave each sleeve a brand new, dirt-free hem as well. Wasn't really into the length either, so it worked out perfectly to go short on the sleeves. Speaking of short, the skirt came next. I brought it up a good six inches to make it more of a mini.

There was also this lining that made the top of the dress a little pouffier. It was very 80s, and I'm not just talking about the weather here. I took my scissors and cut it all out.

Getting rid of weird lining

I still had to get to taking the whole dress in, but I got sucked into the Yankee/Red Sox game. Honestly, I had no idea what was actually going on at this moment as I was completely entranced by the Dunkin Donut Coolatta signage behind the action. It was so hot and all I wanted was some cool, deliciousness which I can't have because DD has boycotted the West Coast for some reason I cannot grasp. Chick-Fil-A figured it out and set up shop in Manhattan Beach, why can DD do the same? Anyway, the signage quickly changed to UTZ potato chips (Salt & Vinegar!!) and I got back to focusing on both the game and my dress.


I took in the sleeves, body and skirt to make it fit me to a T and it was ready for the rays.

Day 130 - After

Short and sweet. I got to catch up with my gals H & A with Mr. C over iced teas before remembering that today was the day the money I owed to the government from '09 was going to be withdrawn from my account. Oh 1099's. Single tear.

Kickin' it on the curb!

Let's hope that this coming year (for all of us) provides a lovely little refund...we'll rendezvous in Vegas or Hartford, CT, it doesn't matter, as long as there is a Dunkin Donuts waiting.