Day 131. 234 days and $230 left to go.

This Thursday brought the sun and the warm again...holler!! Windows were down, my Persols were on, Free Fallin' played on the radio (thanks to 93.1/JACK FM for running that at just at the right time when there was NO traffic on the 10 freeway) and I was just cruising to the beach, er work. Felt like summer, but I opted not to jump the gun and go full-out with the strapless minis and the maxi dresses just yet. Wait though, it's almost here and strapless dresses are most definitely my fave. Day 131 - Before

Today's piece was a shiny, big, shoulder padded frock that belonged in the wardrobe closet for Designing Women.

Designing Women!!!!

I got the note from the lovely RN that I was working the Suzanne Sugarbaker vibe and I totally agreed. That show was a favorite of mine back in the late 80s (um, did anyone else do the syndicated Lifetime eps too??) and honestly I think that me and Delta Burke are wearing the same dress.

I doubt that hers had this ish on the draped part at the waist though...

Spotty McGee

It was time to get crackin' so first I got rid of this rust stain. I folded up and hand stitched about an inch of fabric around the entire drapey waist section which totally hid the spot.

Next up I got rid of those shoulder pads!! I was on a slight hiatus from the pads, as they hadn't made an appearance for a little bit, but that didn't stop me from giving them what they deserved.

Pad Plucking!

They came...I conquered.

I tackled the length next and went from dress to top in 13 seconds by cutting off about a foot of fabric. I opted to leave the edges raw as this fabric wasn't pulling or fraying. It saved a little bit of time, which I was all over!

Goodbye dress :)

Now, the body of the dress was still rather big, but I went with the pin trick for this one instead of sewing. I gathered the waist from the back and took a vintage pin to clasp together the extra material. It does the same trick as a belt, but gives a little more flair. It also makes it a bit tricky to sit back in your car as you drive, but all a sacrifice for fashion, yes?

Shot from Behind...

And the front, voila!

Day 131 -  After

My new top plucked me from the ATL set of Designing Women and dropped me off right in the middle of LA just in time to catch my funny friend LG perform her hilarious stand up set while ogling over her new bling.

 Here comes the bride!

I hadn't seen it in person (the pic circulated, but that's just not the same) since Mr. MRC requested her to be his lady. It's even lowlier up close and personal!

TGIF friends! The weekend awaits...xx M

*Just a little note of thanks to my friends at Craft Gossip for the love today :) Grazie girls!