Day 125. 240 days and $236 left to go.

Good Friday friends and what a blissful day it was. It began with a very large cup of coffee from Yum Yum Donuts (it's my West Coast makeshift Dunkin Donuts - doesn't quite compare, but it comes kinda close), enjoyed some movie viewings at the cinema (yes, viewings with an S - a little bit of Alice in 3D and Sam Worthington battling giant scorpions as well as a CGI'd Medusa), some yummy Trader Joe's Spinach Pizza, a bit of sewing followed by She & Him's Letterman performance before heading to dreamland. Heart <3

To enjoy this lovely day, my pick was in the navy family.

Day 125 - Before

It was a button down dress with the top half made of a silky/rayon-ish fabric and the bottom a thick, and I mean thick, polyester. It was too big, much too frumpy, had weird cuffs, and just looked atrosh. The first thing I did was cut off part of the skirt.


I didn't like the length, so shortening was rather necessary. Next up was taking it in from all around. I began with the sleeves and then the body, finishing off with the skirt. It was more fitted now, but I was still going to add my own belt - and when I say my own, I really mean my mom's which I borrowed from her middle drawer after her permission :) There were loops around the waist, so a belt must have originally come with the piece too. Instead of cutting the sleeves and taking off the weird cuffage, I just opted to roll them up. Last thing on the agenda was unbuttoning the top and putting on my fave abstract skull printed tank from H&M underneath which up close and personal look like little Jack Skellington heads, if you ask me - check out both and give me your opinion...

Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington


It's like Tim Burton created a line for H&M!

Totally similar, don'tcha think? OK, final product here...

Day 125 - After

Happy weekend friends! Agalitses ke filakia* to you all :)

*what I found to be the cutesy way to say "Hugs & Kisses" in Greek, since I'm clearly feeling the vibe post my Clash of the Titans viewing earlier today.