Day 124. 241 days and $237 left to go.

Looks like I'm just going to get my car washed now. Too much rain talk from meteorologists stopped my trip to Santa Palm Car Wash, however it was again another rainless day. But watch, as soon as the vehicle gets cleaned, we'll have a downpour. It's always like that, isn't it? Wasn't rainy, but there was a chill in the air, so the piece I chose for today was spot on.

Day 124 - Before

I've always wanted my own trench coat. Preferably a chic short one with a big collar and buttons, á la Gwyneth's Burberry one.

Gwyneth & her Burberry

So, when I found this tan one for just one dollar (I know, I couldn't believe it either) I was ready to make it into the trench of my dreams. Plus the label on the tag read...

Misty Harbor - may be my new fake name when I get coffee I really couldn't resist. There was even a spot to write my name in. The BEST part of this jacket is that it zips up into a convenient, little pouch to tote around.

Kangaroo pouch!!

Seriously? This jacket rules already and I haven't even begun to make the edits.

Length was key and I wanted it to hit me right around my knees, so I trimmed off about 9 inches of material. PS - Check out the amazing red interior as well! Loves :)

Trench shortening!!

After trimming the bottom, I pinned under the raw edges to make a brand new hem. I probably used about 12 pins to secure the bottom edge before I grabbed some thread in "natural" and got to sewing.

Detached Jacket!

I have to say, the jacket wasn't as tight as Gwyneth's was, but I was really content with the sizing and the way it hung on me without making any adjustments. So, all I did was cut, re-hem and throw on top of my ripped jeans, my black dyed Superga sneaks (these actually came this way - not dyed by me!!) and a blouse you can't even see either. I mean, it looks like I could potentially be topless in this pic.

Day 124 - After

Unfortunately, that was not the case today, I'll leave that to Julie Bowen in the V-day ep of Modern Family.

Julie's topless underneath that trench!

She even got her trench stuck in an escalator. Classic. That's something that I would totally, klutzily do, so there will be no topless action for me under this trench. The length changed everything and I think that I may be wearing this more than once. (Of course in addition to and on top of my new daily ensembles.)

I heart my new trench!

Along with my new trench that I heart, I also heart LG & MRC. If I had a tree, I'd inscribe just that. Cheers (jack in hand, of course) to my newly engaged, loveliest of lovely friends.