Day 123. 242 days and $238 left to go.

I was anticipating rain today, as that was allegedly on the forecast for Los Angeles. Unfortunately there was no rain, my car still looks like a pollen covered mess and I'm sneezing my face off each time I go near it . Thanks Dallas Raines. (Looks like I'm only sticking to Hurricane Schwartz from now on - Julia Gulia gets a little shout out for that intro - thanks JG!!) Dallas!!

Seriously, when you make this allergy-ridden girl think that there will be inches of rain by a certain time and then nothing comes down, you can understand her frustration. With that being said, I went with longer sleeves in anticipation of the waterworks from the sky that were not seen.

Day 123 - Before

Are you thinking that this looks a little Friar Tuck-ish?

The Friar

It's cool - I was just thinking that myself. I mean our robe-ish ensembles are in different shades and I'm not a cartoon, but we still looked rather similar.

Day 123 - Before, Take II

Not so keen on looking like a rotund mammal, so I needed to get rid of that baggy neck action.

Seam ripping the neck off!

I took a seam ripper and got to unstitching the entire thing.

Detached neck

Now that it was in two separate pieces, I took the fabric that was the old neck and threw it in my bag of excess material. I'll use it somewhere and at some point, just not as a neck covering...ever. The waist was a little large but instead of cutting and sewing to tighten it up, I took a vintage pin, cinched my waist, and pinned the excess material together at the small of my back. Quick, easy, and newly fitted.

Day 123 - After

Getting rid of that baggy neck changes everything! I don't look like a monk anymore, not that there is anything wrong with that, and feel more alright about having a dusty sheet of particles from the air of LA as a top layer film on my green vehicle.

My New Necklace!  (Get it...Neck Less??)

This lass is feelin' way more Maid Marian now. But totally the non-cartoony version. More like the Cate Blanchett version coming out in May. I mean Russell Crowe is her Robin Hood so yeah, I'll take that.

PS - it's "allegedly" supposed to rain tomorrow as well...we'll see how that pans out.