Day 122. 243 days and $239 left to go.

Hello doily-esque collared dress that has a tag with the clothing brand "XPRESS" on it. I think I actually bought the dress solely because of that and well, it was a dollar so I really couldn't pass it up. OOH, there were pockets too! That was the other selling point, for sure! It was warmish today, with a slight bit of wind, so I felt this was a good piece for a warmish-windy Tuesday. Day 122 - Before

Now I'm obsessed with lace and ribbons and trimmings, oh my, but I wasn't so keen on the edging of this dress. Here, the lace, which was more like a thicker cotton eyelet trim, was a little too girly for my tastes. Slightly Holly Hobbie, and I wanted to funk it up, just a smidge. First thing was to cut that eyelet off and shorten the puppy.

Getting rid of the extra lace!

Now, the waist was still rather large on me but I opted to use a wider belt to cinch instead of sewing it tighter. The doily-esque collar wasn't looking so hot, so I unbuttoned the top few buttons down to my chestal area and pinned each edge of the collar to the top of my sleeveless arm hole. It kind of gave it a cap-sleeved look which I was definitely on board with. A pair of boots and a cardi (which I took off for the pic) and I was ready to go.

Day 122 - After

Love the way this looks now! It's completely current, as light denim is back in, and there's a lovely spring vibe going on. During my little photo shoot, a few gusts of wind swooped in...

My slightly Marilyn moment

Yes, I felt a little like Marilyn Monroe for a moment, but then I got cold and went inside where my Vanilla Latte from Coffee Bean was waiting for me to sip. The timing couldn't have been more perf :)