Day 121. 244 days and $240 left to go.

It's a tuxedo shirt for us today friends. Frilly and fance for a Monday, you might say, but why not start the week out with a black tie optional or prom look, right?? When I saw this shirt I knew it was mine. It was a buck, so I really couldn't pass it up. Day 121 - Before

Now, I've never owned a tuxedo shirt - I mean, they're kind of retro and have a more masculine than feminine vibe, but I'm totally down with androgyny. Less of an "It's Pat" vibe...

Did we ever find out what Pat really was?

More like the Rihanna, Dolce & Gabbana vibe. (Totally sans a puffy sleeved jacket though - you can really only pull that off when you're going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's Gala and I'm definitely not headed there today.)

Don't be rude boy, I'm in a ruffled shirt!

So my main ish with the shirt was that the ruffles just kind of blended in with the rest of it. Size, rockin'. Length, rockin'. But, those ruffles are the best part and they weren't as pronounced as I would have liked for them to be. So, out came my trusty dye kit and in the pot went some boiling water, a little mix of RIT's denim blue and black dye, and my tuxedo shirt. Out came this...

Day 121 - After

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!!! I mean, seriously? RIT dye, I think I may want to marry you. The ruffles now stand out exactly the way I wanted them to! I think I'm on the hunt for more of these to transform!


I paired my new top with some fave striped jeans from a little trip to the Gap Outlet about a year ago and heels which you cannot see. It kind of doesn't matter what shoes I'm wearing, because I'm not taking my eyes off those ruffles.

PS - I'm gathering pieces for an upcoming dye tutorial! Stay tuned, as we're going to have a fun day very, very soon :) Just need to grab a few more white/stained/dye-worthy puppies to transform!