Day 120. 245 days and $241 left to go.

The muumuu returns!! It's been a little while since we had a muumuu appearance and I thought it was about time. March is almost over and there's got to be at least one muumuu this month. March Madness & Muumuu was the theme of this Sunday, but perhaps a themed "Muumuu May" will be just around the corner... I wanted a little dress for today and I was going to crank one out from the below. Day 120 - Before

Again with the one pocket, this green floral muumuu was bold, bright, and botanical garden-y. I have to say that I liked the neckline and all I was worried about was the wretched length. I'm all about hanging out and lounging in this, but not when it hits me at my ankles. So, out came the scissors...

Hike that Skirt!

I ended up taking about half of the length off - I thought it was going to hit me a little above my knees, but it ended up being a more mid-thigh length. I had no issues with that, however I did hear, "that's a bit short, don't you think" from the peanut gallery :) I think that went away as I began to help out in the garden.

Day 120 - After

It was a great Sunday sundress to enjoy the rays along with one of McDonald's Vanilla iced coffees, Duke beating Baylor, and a little more spring cleaning which included finding this puppy...

Looks like a pickle, feels like a pickle

Um, it's nothing other than a pickle pen!!

Pickle Pen!!

Hello working pen from 1992 that was scored in a Wendy's kids meal by the broham. I mean it couldn't be more random and awesome all in one. Plus it matches. Drum sticks were the accessory yesterday and the pickle pen wins today. The bangles are back tomorrow, promise :)