Day 119. 246 days and $242 left to go.

Happy weekend! The sun is out and blaring today - hope that most of you are experiencing this lovely weather wherever you may be! Twas the perfect day to do some spring cleaning - I came across some Care Bears from the collection I kept when I was seven as well as an autograph from Corky (Chris Burke) from Life Goes On. Maybe the pic will ring a bell for those of you unfamiliar or too young :) The Thatcher's Fam from Life Goes On!

I was a HUGE fan in like 1991 and we ran into him at the Planet Hollywood in NYC - clearly I had him sign the back of my menu. More of my spring cleaning finds will be shared as I come across them, but I had to take a break for some mid-day basketball watching and drum classing after finding that winner.

The sun brought the shine, so I brought the yellow...

Day 119 - Before

It was a little big, this nightgown, so I took in the sleeves a smidge as well as the upper torso. I wasn't thrilled keeping it a dress as the length was a little weird on me. It hit right at my calves, so I chose to chop it in half and turn it into a top. As it was still billowy post-stitching, I used the excess fabric that I cut off as a belt and cinched the piece at my waist.

Day 119 - After

Just the right outfit to wear to my drum class on this 80 degree day. Something cool and not too tight to give me perfect range of motion as I beat on the snare and bass trying to nail sixteenth notes.

Mellow Yellow

I kind of love my new accessories - I picked them over my bangles today. Tomorrow, however, the bangles return :)