Day 118. 247 days and $243 left to go.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the beginning of a much needed weekend awaits! I'm turning the ringer off and looking forward to sleep-in Saturday where I don't have to worry about getting woken by phone calls and speaking gibberish on the line or hearing the ping of early morning texts and having a convo that I completely don't remember until I really get up from my bed. I'm trying to avoid the above altogether because it tends to make me feel like a moron and that's never a good feeling. In preparation for that, here's today's piece...

Day 118 - Before

We've got a red, white, and navy striped number from no other but...

Hello Jordache!

JORDACHE!! My favorite pair of jeans as a youngin' were those made by Jordache and I don't even recall them making anything but jeans, however I came across this beaut of a piece and needed to have it. Just a few problems that needed some fixing before it was out on the town for the both of us.

First, I wanted to turn it into a top. It was the perfect material and color to pair with jeans so I trimmed off the bottom of the piece. About a foot's worth of material went buh-bye that we'll bring back at a later point.

Trim, trim, trim

Next, the closure string had come undone and there was no longer a button to clasp the back together with.

Ripped Clasp & No Button

An easy hand stitching to mend the undone clasp as well as the addition of a basic white button made this look as good as brand new! Feel free to grab any sort of button you'd like - this came from a bag that I had accumulated over the years from all those little envelopes of "extra buttons" that accompany sweaters or tops when you buy them. They've finally come in handy!

Newly Stitched Clasp and Button!

With just a little cinching thanks to a vintage navy elastic belt that was so tight it made the shirt fit perfectly not to mention held my ribs in as if it were a corset, we were good to go.

Day 118 - After

That big screen was showing all the March Madness action, but this pic came post Duke's win and right after all the college basketball fans cleared out. The clearing out also could have been attributed to the random music video's of the 90s that began playing (hello Arrested Development!!) as many of those watching were not born until 1992 and didn't know Mr. Wendal.

From bball to TLC videos...

I however embraced the video goodness and sang along.

Sip Sip!

Happy weekend sweetie pies! Hope everyone's involves a little sleeping in :)