Day 117. 248 days and $244 left to go.

Happy Thursday friends! NCAA competish is back, another brand new Parks & Rec is on (oh, PLEASE bring back Jean-Ralphio), and I've got a fab dress to get crackin' on to wear çe soir. Day 117 - Before

Found at Jet Rag's Sunday pile sale o'dollar goods, this was going to look like way more than just a buck. Now it's pretty atrosh as is but I have a vision...First thing I got to work on was the sleeves - I was definitely not into the sheer factor and didn't really want to shorten them, as the crepe material is not fun (nor easy) to work with. I thought the best idea was to take them off, so I took my seam ripper and did just that!

Next, as the dress was a bit too large for me, I had to take it in. From the bottom of the new, sleeveless arm holes all the way down to the bottom of the skirt, a good three inches was taken in on each side. I wasn't particularly keen on the boxy top of the dress either, so I decided to do a little cinching.

Clipped Straps!

I pinched each side of the dress and took a safety-pin to gather and hold the sides together. It completely changed the boxy-ness and gave it a softer and more feminine look which I loved. Before it was completely ready to go, I added a maroon sash, tied it around my waist, and threw on my BCBG cork heels.

Day 117 - After

The dress was complete and I'm completely in love! It was exactly the thing to wear for a little boutique gathering full of mini cannoli and cheesecake bites and Bellini's of prosecco and blood orange puree served by Beautiful Bartenders. No joke, that's the name of the company they were hired from and yes, they were quite that.

Navy Rules!!

Unfortunately, the only basketball watching I got to do this evening was viewing scores on from my phone, but tomorrow it's on. Sorry Syracuse and Cornell fans - I was totally rooting for the both of you. I shall be cheering for WVU and St. Mary's tomorrow night though...