Day 116. 249 days and $245 left to go.

I'm totally jumping the gun trying to make it be summer already. I know it's still March and we're only seeing solid 70s temps, but I really am jonesing for the summer to arrive. I got my Hollywood Bowl schedule in the mail and I'm anxiously awaiting June when their summer season begins. Warm nights, floral dresses, picnic treats from Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy, wine consuming pre, during, and's one of my favorite things to do and exactly what I associate summers with here in Los Angeles. So, today I pretended that it was more like May with my light and breezy dress pick - just to make me feel closer to seeing NPH direct Rent, Gustavo Dudamel conduct Carmen and the LA Philharmonic accompany Planet Earth live on-screen. Day 116 - Before

The ultimate summery dress - kind of apron styled with thin straps, some lace detail and some floral fabric. The one big problem...the size. This dress was way too large. It also had elastic around the waist and top that had worn out its welcome - it didn't do anything that elastic traditionally does. So, it needed to be taken in...a lot!

Takin' it in

You can see the vertical line of white thread on the left which had now become my new hem. I turned the dress inside out, took in both sides around six inches or so and stitched a new hem to make the dress a bit more fitted. This was really the only thing that needed to be done as the length was rather perfect. Post-sewing, I added a belt (a Goodwill find a few years back) and some suede boots (I wanted it to be summer, but let's be honest - it was a cool evening and flip-flops were not going to cut it).

Day 116 - After

A fun outfit for a screening at Paramount and some post-viewing snackage.

Astroburger Rules!

And at each booth lies a mini jukebox to twiddle through as you indulge in the goodness that is Astro. A little David Bowie, some Streisand, and some Canned Beatn?

Fried Green What?

Hmm...I think they had a slight typo and meant Canned Heat. Not really sure how BEATN made it on there as a selection, especially with the company this song sat between, however as long as the Gardenburger Deluxe still tastes ridiculously amazing, they can spell however they'd like.