Day 115. 250 days and $246 left to go.

G'day friends - we should just get to this one right now... Day 115 - Before

GINGHAM!!! The dress actually looks like I've been working with this guy on Schrute Farms, picking beets.


I mean, do you even pick beets? Do you pull them? Regardless, that's what it looks like I should be doing and that needs to stop. PS, how appropriate that the tag reads...

But of course...

As I've got The Office on my mind, I guess it couldn't be any more correct with the taggage. Anyway, let us get back to the tweaking and getting rid of that length!!

Cut, cut, cut!

Now there were a few of these gaping holes (three to be exact) found right along the seams of the dress. One was in the front, one on the side and another by the arms.

Holes, holes, holes!!

This was an easy fix as I just repinned all of them and stitched them up. I also gave the bottom of the garment a new hem and took up the sleeves just a few inches and did the same for those. Now the top of the dress had this slit (you can kind of see it above) from the top to the bottom of the square/bib/chest area. I wasn't that hot for it, so I pulled each side back, to form a V, and hand stitched the edges down. Here's the final product...

Day 115 - After

Gingham V neck top!! Such a transition from the before shot. Now there's NO real mistaking me for a member of the Schrute family even though being a sibling to Dwight and Mose could be rather amusing.

I took my top to the streets, er in bowling.

I secretly want to wear bowling shoes in my normal that wrong?

...and got to some friendly competish with the pins (and other bowlers). I mean nothing is better than a Tuesday night, drinking Bud Light's out of bowling pin shaped bottles, and singing along to Duran Duran's "Rio", Big Pun's "I'm Not a Player" as well as the Ting Tings' "That's Not My Name." You can always count on a bowling alley or gas station to play the jams. Black Eyed Peas played too, but singing along to "I Gotta Feeling" was SO not happening. I did Mazel Tov with the beers though.

Bowlin' With the Homies!