Day 112. 253 days and $249 left to go.

Six down…one more to go!!

Today brings the end to my first theme week and I'm excited to say that VIOLET closes it out. It's been such a success that I'm already looking forward to theme week #2. But before we begin discussing that, let's properly close Day V out right.

As violet brings us home, I chose a basic white slip to use for today's piece. The white dress I originally wanted to use looked a bit like this...

What the Before pic of Day 112 was supposed to be

Unfortunately, I tried a little dye to bring it to a violet state and it didn't come out strong enough for my palette...the fabric just didn't want to agree so I had to go to option 2:


This balled up white slip. As I didn't actually thrift, garage sale or flea market this piece - it came from my wardrobe - I didn't spend a dime, nor take a proper before pic. The not spending a dime thing actually was the best part about today's choice! I'll use the original dress shortly when the day is feeling more like a muted lavender. I take ROYGBIV week extremely seriously and wasn't just going to pass along a second-rate violet to finish it up.

I went with a tie-dye session for this white slip skirt since yesterday's piece, Day 111, didn't completely rock the tie-dye vibe. I was really craving the tie-dyeing to work, so I got some pots of boiling water ready on my stove. The first pot o'dye was a mix of RIT's purple & rose pink. I threw in my balled up slip, let it gather some color and then took it from the pot to wash out before re-rubberbanding, making another pot o'dye (a mix of RIT's fuchsia and just a hint of purple), and tossing the puppy in. After a fast dye job, the piece was ready to be rinsed and dried.

Tie-dyeing is a rather easy process (tutorial soon, fo' sho) and as I had a baby shower to attend, the blend of the two shades of purple colors was the perfect thing to wear. Also, I didn't just wear it as a skirt like it is intended to be worn. I brought it up past my boobs and rocked it as a tube top...

Day 112 - After

Standing in front of the diaper tree and boxes of baby wipes, my violet slip-turned-top blended in with the shower's themed colors to celebrate M & A's upcoming baby, Lady M. The hanging necklaces of plastic baby safety pins around my neck was an even better accessory choice than anything I could have handpicked from my stash.

I nearly passed out from the goodness baked into this salted peanut and chocolate cake. Sigh.

Ridiculous cake was eaten (Nickel Diner is my fave), baby games were played (Baby Bingo during gift opening time is absolutely genius, but trying to guess the amount of almond M&M's in a big ol plastic bottle is harder than expected), and NCAA bball games were kept on in the background (I had a slight conniption when Kansas lost) while we had the most lovely of afternoons celebrating this lovely gal, MM and her sweet lil' bun in the oven.

I heart this belly!

And that officially brings ROYGBIV week to an end!

V is for Violet! K is for Kombucha!

The end of my ROYGBIV rainbow brought along Spring today, so enjoy :)

Good luck to all the LA marathoners tomorrow! May your feet be swift and your iPods not run out of juice during your 26.2 mile race!