Day 111. 254 days and $249 left to go.

Five down…two more to go!!

Welcome to Day INDIGO of ROYGBIV week - very happy to finish up in the purple-ish family these final two days of the seven-day extravaganza!! Friday brings day two of the March Madness tourney along with some gorgeous 70-ish degree weather to lead us into the weekend with. But before all of that...the piece of the day.

Day 111 - Before

Indigo crepe dress with a blousey top part and a flowy, swishy skirt bottom. Not a whole lot to fix, but look a little closer...


There were some darker spots all over the dress (seen next to my fingers pointing at them) that I wasn't totally on board with. I had to come up with a solution to fix the dress, so I thought of my trusty friend RIT dye and the idea of a little tie-dye action. I thought that it may be cool to just dye the skirt part of the dress in a blackish hue - dark enough to cover up the spots and just enough to give a little contrast (aka edge) to the lovely current shade. I began twisting the fabric and rubberbanding it up into one big ball.

Rubber Banded!

I created a bath with some black dye and dipped the dress in. Because I just wanted to dye the skirt part of the dress, I had to use some elbow grease to just hold that part in.

Stovetop Dye Fest!

I came across a little snag in my plan, as my idea didn't fully work out - D'oh!! Unfortunately the fabric didn't quite take to the black dye enough to really see any of the designs on it. (PS - A full dye tutorial will be approaching soon, per a bunch of requests. Stay tuned for that...) My plan was foiled, however listening to the Tim Gunn voice in my head which does tend to be a little guardian angel in my sewing process, we had to make it work! After taking the rubber bands off to reveal just a slight bit of change, what I actually really enjoyed was how crinkled the fabric became after being balled up for so long. Instead of keeping it a dress, like I originally wanted to do, I cut off about half of the length to work it into a top.

Day 111 - After

You can kind of get an idea here in my, "it's still sunny at 7PM, so yes I will enjoy a cocktail!" pose.

Belted with some excess fabric from Day 84, it still did the trick for me - even though it wasn't in my original plan, I was still equally as excited with the outcome. It'll just make me have to try again with something different!

I'm slightly on the fence...

The perfect thing to transition from day into eve (from flats to flips), it worked as a lucky charm as all the teams I was rooting for in my March Madness bracket won! Well all except Temple U who got beat by the Cornell Big Red - even I didn't think the Ivy Leaguers would complete their first win in tourney history, but kudos boys! And a little shout out to the Maryland Terps and the Cal Bears who closed the night with their wins!

Here's an even better close up shot as my evening was winding can see a bit of the black dye, but it just makes the dress look dirty. The wrinkle action was where it was at instead today!!

Not So Tye-Dyed, but still super cute!

I hope you're all getting ready to enjoy the weekend ahead!! It's almost officially Spring - can't wait to start seeing daffodils pop up and I'm definitely looking forward to some spring break action. Hmm...I think I may be smelling another theme week soon!!!

I is for Indigo!  W is for Welch's!