Day 113. 252 days and $248 left to go.

Happy Sunday and second day of Spring! Birds are chirping, orange blossoms are blooming (that scent wafting as you walk past them...ooh, child!), and the weather is getting to be consistently delightful. Not a bad way to spend the day. (We'll just leave out the part about how my NCAA bracket is slightly busted from the abundance of upsets in the second round this weekend.) I immediately thought of daffodils when I saw this yellow frock, so it was my Sunday pick. Day 113 - Before

Hmm...big ruffled skirt, lace trimmed sleeves with a little bit of lace around the collar, and a texture that made the fabric feel like it should be rainwear, no joke. I think it actually may be waterproof, as it had a thickish consistency. But by looking at the before picture, it felt a little too Prairie Home Companion which was not cute at all.

I needed to cut a LOT off, so off with the skirt!!

Ruffle Trimming!

And we might as well get those sleeves off too!

Sleeve trimming!

After taking off about 6 lbs. of fabric it was time to do some hemming. I pinned the raw edges under both the sleeves and the bottom of the dress and began sewing away...5/8's is a traditional hem which I used for my stitching today.

Stitching new hems!

Even though the dress a bit large, I kept the size intact as it had pockets (holler for my favorite already attached accessory!!) and it worked as a stiffish (because of the fabric) yet billowy sundress. Plus it was super comfortable which is key for a veg-worthy Sunday.

Day 113 - After

Enjoy the eve of another work week. I secretly may or may not Tivo Celebrity Apprentice this evening, just sayin'.