Day 110. 255 days and $250 left to go.

Four down…three more to go!!

The fifth day of ROYGBIV week has arrived, and so far we've had a run in with Larry David, daytime Coronas, and some St. Paddy's Day celebrating. Let's just say this...the color BLUE arrives just in time for one of my most favorite activities during the year. It's something that I anticipate about as much as when tickets for the Hollywood Bowl go on sale for the summer, daylight savings occurs, and when Top Chef comes back on Bravo. That's right, March Madness is in full swing and I'm as happy as a clam. The NCAA tournament is two weeks of killer basketball skills, college rivalries, and well, rooting for teams we chose on our brackets and competing with friends for a handful of benjamins...or hamiltons, rather.

Day 110 - Before

Today's blue piece is a total 80s winner made of silk, complete with some shoulder pads, a killer beaded floral-y applique, and some drapey goodness around the waist. Now in honor of the games and the amount of excitement that goes along with them, cheering in a dress, especially one with long silk sleeves that are slightly tight, doesn't really work. The only thing I could do was take 'em off, so I did!

Detached Sleeves!!

The arm holes got a new hem to get rid of the raw edging and the shoulder pads were removed next...clearly, right? I cut the dress in half right after - nothing feels as liberating as using some scissors and just cutting away - and the shape of the top was slowly taking form. I was loving where this was heading. The bottom of my new top was rehemmed (see white stitching)...

Brand New Hem!

...and it was about ready to throw on to cheer for Villanova's Wildcats!! Yes, they happen to have blue as one of their school colors and I did have them winning this first round of competish, so rooting for them to beat Robert Morris was rather imperative.

Day 110 - After

New fun top crafted from a not so flattering silk dress was a total slam dunk! It totally helped that I wore school colors for 'Nova as the extremely close game, complete with overtime, was only won by three points.

Below is a little pic in front of the Butler/UTEP game, and guess what? Not only did I choose Butler in my bracket, but blue just happens to be one of their school colors too. Let's just say I picked good. (They crushed the grapes out of them - sorry El Pasoans!)


PS, I think I lost my voice as I screamed my face off during the final seconds of the Wake Forest/Texas game this evening. Not to mention my severe jumping up and down and high-fiving. Another full day of basketball awaits tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday...March totally rules!!

B is for Blue! P is for Progresso!