Day 109. 256 days and $251 left to go.

Three down, four more to go!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends! It's the one day where green bagels, green beer and Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's are a-flowin. Not only is it St. Paddy's Day, but it's also Day G and I get to wear GREEN to celebrate!! Not a coincidence, no luck of the was fully planned. I made sure to start ROYGBIV week on Sunday so that Day G would fall on this most fun, aka holiday of my people, celebration! Check out my piece.

Day 109 - Before

A patchwork skirt was today's special - I mean a garment that has all different kinds of green fabric all over it is screaming, wear me, my Irish friend Marisa to your fun St. Patrick's Day party full of drunkards, a band called the Ployboys and oodles of Bass ale. Look a bit closer...

Safety Pin Party!

The clasp of the skirt was being held together by safety pins, which is probably not the best sign when it's a piece of clothing meant to cover thy arse. I had a new plan for this piece - let's turn it into a top!

Since the weather was slammin' today - the dashboard of my car, no joke, flashed 88 degrees at one point - I thought something sleeveless would work like a lucky charm. But I wanted to add a little bit of flair (and a little bit of security) so some straps were made from a batch of excess green and gold ribbon I had in my stash.

Pin Transferrence!

I safety pinned the edge of the ribbon on both sides of the top to make some fab straps. I also added a little bit of velcro onto the open areas by the clasp that you saw above. I wasn't worried about the top falling off, I just wanted to avoid some unplanned breezes.

Before it was something that would be oozing out of a pot at the end of the rainbow, I added a belt and just cinched and pulled it out to give it a billowy effect.

Day 109 - After

The outfit was ready to go especially when those green, shimmery shamrock necklaces were put around my neck. All I needed was a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" pin and my pieces of flair would be totally complete.

Irish Times :)

We toasted or "slainte" each other, sang along to "Whiskey in a Jar" and ate Irish nachos (potato chips, melted cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream) during the festive evening. Thank goodness we didn't see this guy...

More like Scarychaun!

The only thing alright with this pic is that Mr. Leprechaun is enjoying a Guinness - can't totally hate solely for this reason, and well also that Jennifer Aniston acted against him in his first film. (Trailer's here if you've not had the experience to view this horror-ific low-budge masterpiece.) There's nothing like a tent full of people of all ages, singing with each other, dancing with each other, and drinking Jameson's with each other...makes me proud to be an Irish lass (shout out to Limerick which is where my grandparents' parents' came to the US from!!)

It's also the one time of year where I get to see and bond with all the other fair-skinned/freckled people in LA! I'm usually the palest of the bunch, but not today!! Holler!!

Irish Eyes Are Smiling :)

And no, I was not drunk when I was taking the above pic. Jolly, yes. Drunk, not yet. I also opted to not bring out my fake Irish accent as it's way less Bono and way more Julia Roberts in Michael Collins and that's definitely not a good thing.

P is for Perrier!

Wishing you rainbows, four-leaf clovers, and a magically delicious day!!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue you each morning and night. ~Irish Blessing