Day 108. 257 days and $252 left to go.

Two down...five more to go!!

Welcome to Day Three of theme week! I'll be your hostess Marisa so sit back, relax, and strap on your seat belt. It's Day Y, so YELLOW in the house!! This is the piece for the day...

Day 107 - Before

Now I didn't take any closeups of this puppy - sorry! I've had this one for a bit and didn't photograph the issues that it had - but let's discuss the fact that there were some dark, gross spots on it. It was as if somebody took many a footstep on it on purpose. It was washed and most of the dirt came off, but not enough to pull it off in white. It fit perfectly, but was just a tad bit dingy and that's no bueno.

I went back to my trusty box o'dyes and pulled out RIT's Yellow and got to some dyeing. Just like yesterday, I did this on my stove. I boiled some water, didn't add any salt (I wanted something more muted, so I went without the salt today which makes the color bolder), let it sit for a few hours, rinsed it with warm water, rung it out and let it hang dry on my patio. After those steps, I was golden. Hello pun!! This is how it turned out...

Day 107 - After

I felt slightly Sandy from Grease and was all about it. I took a sheer, purple-ish scarf and tied it around my waist and threw on my favorite purple Steve Madden heels to make this outfit rock. The green/purple embroidery along the sleeves was killer and I wanted to accentuate that. Now also, there was a button missing on the top of the dress, so I buttoned the two bottom buttons and safety pinned the dress where the third one would have gone. I left the top few buttons open...I mean it was 85 degrees today and I did break out in a minor sweat being outside at 2 pm, so showing a little bit of cleave was completely acceptable.

Best part of the day? See below...

Corona @ 3:46 in the afternoon?  Why sure office, of course I'll partake in a Mexican beverage.

Me+Corona+3:46 PM+office=BEST WORK DAY EVER!!!

My work cohort Leonard Cohen and myself imbibed in some Coronas to celebrate the upcoming March Madness bracket war that will be going on in T minus 36 hours between the two of us. March is my favorite month solely for the NCAA tourney. I love sports, I love the Super Bowl, the World Series rocks (esp when my Yankees are the winners) and March Madness makes me swoon. Unforch my team, USC's Trojans, are ineligible this year because of partaking in shady activities (it's all good boys, I would have taken those vehicles too) so I've got some new, non-PAC 10 teams to root for. Without giving away my winner (I know Leonard reads this, so I don't want to give him any hints) I'm ready for a few weeks of severe, killer, ruthless basketball playing between 18 year olds, most who look like they're 40. No joke, there are multiple players who I'd like to check out their birth certificates as I can't honestly believe they were born after 1969.

So, successful Day Y/3? Yes. PS, Day G happens to fall on the holiday of my Irish people. Get ready, because this girl goes full-out. Bring it St. Patty's, I'm waiting for you!! Until tomorrow friends...

Y is for Yellow!!  B is for Banana!!