Day 107. 258 days and $253 left to go.

One down and six more to go!!

Theme week continues and orange is the color du jour, so guess what?? We're going to play with some dye today!! It has been awhile since I whipped out my box o'dyes, so let's give them a little jpeg love...

Dye Party!!

I decided to go with a thin white embroidered blouse today as the weather forecast was looking pretty hot for the week...Thanks Johnny Mountain and Dallas Raines for your delightful insight into this third week of March. (PS, we Los Angelenos may have the best meteorologist names around - however if the names of yours can rock ours like a hurricane, please share!)

Slightly ridiculous temperature for the week!

It was a little too big, but I had my sewing machine threaded and ready for some taking in action. Mostly, I was psyched to give it a tangerine bath.

Day 107 - Before

Before bathtime, I took in the sleeves and the body of the shirt in to make it a little tighter. You can do this post-dye, however I like to mend my pieces ahead of time and use white thread so when it soaks, it completely matches the color after it's done. I boiled water, added some salt (to make the color even bolder), grabbed RIT's tangerine dye, and tossed in my shirt for the day. Luckily my cooking club dinner theme wasn't Italian this evening, so I didn't have to worry about boiling penne at the same time as my project.

Stovetop Dye-fest!

After letting it soak for a bit, I plucked the shirt out, rinsed it with hot water to expunge the excess dye, rung it out and hung it to dry. The warm temps early this am dried this sucker out and I couldn't wait to put it on because let's just say that this piece completely Orange Crush'ed some of my other dye projects.

Day 107 - After

The way the color took to the fabric and to the embroidery blew my mind. And, I must be honest, thank goodness today was O day! Why, you may ask? Well, let me share...

Embroidery Close Up! (ECU)

Like I mentioned above, my cooking club was this evening and the theme for the night was Indian. I made some yumster curry crusted bananas for dessert, but prior to that I got to indulge in some of the most ridiculous chicken tikka masala that I've ever had courtesy of MW. Now, let me show you a stock photo of this dish.

MW's chicken tikka masala was way more delectable and was served in the most gorg La Creuset dish

Kind of perfect that it matched my shirt for the can probably figure out what happened next. Yes, a cube of chicken fell off my fork and trickled down my shirt (completely in slo-mo through my eyes) and landed right in the middle of some embroidery. Luckily it blended right in. Crisis averted. Tomorrow may be trickier though - yellow is much harder to hide, so I must be on my best, non-klutzy behavior.

O is for Orange!