Day 101. 264 days and $259 left to go.

It's day 101 and the sewing machine is back up and rolling! I ended up switching out the needle and cleaning out some of the fuzzy, furry lint that accumulated nearby my bobbin (that was the problem, I believe) and it was back in action. Perfect timing as this knit dress was on the agenda for today. Day 101 -  Before

Yep, a little bit too big, however the knit material and color was amazing. There were also a few holes...

Holy Smokes!!

...but those were going to get fixed easily as they were on the seam of the waist. I had some extra ideas to add to it as well, but first, time to take it in. I took in the sleeves and the body of the dress. And as the waist had overly stretched out and torn elastic, I took that out as well and made a new waist hem. This also worked out perfectly as I sewed over the holes that I found making the dress look kinda brand new, like circa 80s brand new. Next I tweaked the length.

New hem!!

I cut a good eight inches or so off, pinned the raw edges under, and rehemmed the bottom. This knit material was fraying a bunch, so a new hem was necessary to stop the pillage :)

The leftover fabric from trimming the edge

And with the leftover fabric above, I turned that into a belt just to cinch it a little bit more. My little addition was rhinestones!!! I needed some glitz, so I played around with my bag o' gems and tried to make a fun pattern around the neckline. (PS, I totally used a glue gun to affix said jewels!!)


And, did I mention this dress that I picked up for a buck was vintage Express? Totally something that Phoebe Cates would have picked up in the val at the Galleria in like 1987, for sure.


But, I was going for a little more contemporary vibe.

Day 101 - After

Shortened dress, fitted sleeves, and rhinestones made up my ensemble for the day. It was surprisingly warm too, which was helpful in the scattered gusts of wind Los Angeles provided today. I have to say, I was very pleased with the glitz action, so check out the close up below.

Rhinestone Cowboy

This one is another winner in my book! Kind of wish I could wear it again tomorrow, as there is more wind action on the radar.