Day 102. 263 days and $258 left to go.

Sorry for the lateness in posting! My awfully terrible internet provider Time Warner, who I’d like to beat into a bloody pulp...sidenote, decided that they’d cause a glitch in my internet activity a bit after midnight. This caused me to call in, spend 30 minutes on the phone with Samish, go through “tests”, to have him tell me it still wasn’t working and that they’d send a tech out my way tomorrow. This has been a week like Alexander’s terrible, no good, very bad day with regards to the technology in my life. I’m currently posting this from the Coffee Bean. Thank you for your free WiFi and vanilla lattes to get me through this annoyance. But enough with the lamenting!! This outfit was a goodie! Day 102 - Before

Twas a big muumuu today! I loved the Hawaiian print, the turquoise shade, the hibiscus, and well, the pockets!! I wasn’t digging the buttoning on the top nor the length, so I thought this would make a perfect shirt.

I got to cutting off the bottom, a good seven inches or so...

Marisa Scissorhands!

...and then made a new hem. I unbuttoned the top three buttons and folded under each side to form a V. I actually just safety pinned these down as well, which made it a quick and easy fix. As the V was a bit deep, I threw on my favorite skull tank which was an H&M find in DC a few years ago. Didn’t want to be too Showgirls-y today.

Day 102 - After

With some skinny jeans and boots, my new top was ready to grub in. A little Daphne’s action was the perfect end to a long, long day.

Close Up!!

Hopefully my technology woes will be corrected tomorrow, otherwise the next time, I’m crackin’ skulls. Take that Time Warner.