Day 100. 265 days and $260 left to go.

It's triple digit day!! Hello day've arrived!! Now, I was planning to work with something ridiculously awesome (a certain designer that starts with a D and rhymes with Eeyore) but unfortunately a friend of mine was wreaking a bit of havoc in my morning routine. It was more like mourning this am as my best little friend, my sewing machine, decided to be fickle and not work. Day 100, Pshaw!

So, unfortunately my celebratory ensemble had to be changed, and quickly. Instead I went with two pieces that I found for a buckaroo each that I was going to make minor adjustments on but opted to keep them intact to assist in still making a fun, fab, frock for my big day!

Day 100 - Before

First was this fabtastic wrap skirt. It was a floral-y, denim-y, country-ish pattern that I adored. I originally was going to shorten it and move the ruffled edge up a bit, but chose to keep it looking as it was for today, since I was mildly handicapped. Next came this...

Day 100 - Before

Again, another find in a pile of stuff. This cardi was gorge - soft pink-acrylic-knitty-material, rhinestones, silver knit trim...however the pic above was what it looked like post-wash. I took a chance with this puppy as when I found it, it was full of dirty spots and marks that would have forced me to dye it (even though I wanted to go navy for another day) if the spots didn't come out. Fortunately they did and it ended up being the perfect complement to the wrap skirt. And may I say, I felt a little like Betty Draper too and that's always a good thing!

The final product...BAM!

Day 100 - After

Cardi, skirt, white tank, tan boots = Day 100 saving graces!! I opted to pull the wrap skirt up higher than my waist to give it more of an empire feel. Close up below...

Day 100 - Close Up!

Thanks to you lovely friends out there who have been with me on this little road trip so far. It's been an incredible 100 days and I'm so glad you're on this ride with me!! In celebration, I'm enjoying a little bit of this for all of us...

Heavens to Betsy!

It's like the Girl Scouts infiltrated my dreams like Freddy Krueger, but less of the tormenting/nightmares/gloves of blades business and more of the sweet tooth/happy dreams/most perfect concoction of heavenly goodness stuff.

No joke. I finished the container. I mean ice cream & thin mints together? How could you not? Happy Day 100 :)