Day 99. 266 days and $262 left to go.

As today was a lovely sunny Sunday, with intermittent showers, I had to choose something that was going to work regardless of the temp or what was coming out of the sky. Day 99 - Before

It has a slight 70s/monk/tunic vibe going on which isn't cool at all. The red/pink/black pattern was what originally drew me in, so I had to make it work. First on the agenda was getting rid of that weird crocheted/knit/lacey trim around the neck. I grabbed a seam ripper and took it all off.

Adios weird knit lace!

Next there were a few mini holes by the shoulders (which were clearly worn out after years and years of wear and tear) which I just sewed over to close up. I also needed to take in the arms a little bit as well as the body and just HAD to cut the length - as a short piece, it worked for the rays and with stockings and boots was the perfect piece to wear in the rain. After some cutting, hemming, stocking and boot-ing, the new dress was almost ready to go. I unzipped the dress to my mid-chest area and took excess fabric from Day 73 to use as a belt. To give the belt just a little bit of flair, I added a gold vintage brooch to the center.

Day 99 - After

Of course, it was sunny all morning which was the perfect complement to an outdoor brunch filled with frittatas, potatoes, blueberry muffins and onion rolls. However just as the afternoon was coming to a close the rain started coming down.

Sunny Sunday!

Luckily for me, I had my pics taken pre-rain :)