Day 98. 267 days and $263 left to go.

I always wanted to be Alice in Wonderland at Disney World as a kid, however I was a bit too tall...didn't make that "must be below 5'5" cutoff :) Today I got to live out my dream and didn't have to worry about kids pulling on my skirt or crying or stomping on my shoes, as a friend was throwing an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday soiree. I found the perfect dress that was going to work like a charm for a buck! Day 98 - Before

The shade of blue along with the white checker print on the fabric was the perfect choice to recreate my own little version of Alice. Here it looks like a nightgown and that's something that would get anyone kicked out of a Mad Tea Party, if you ask me. So, some shortening and taking in needed to be worked out to avoid decapitation by the Queen of Hearts.

Cut, cut, cut

I took off about a foot of fabric from the bottom of the skirt...

Freshly Shortened!

...pinned the edges under, and sewed a brand new hem. Because it was a bit big on me, I took in a few inches from the sleeves and the top of the dress as well to really make it fit. With the addition of a fun black sequined bow headband, some white tights, a bit of excess fabric I cut from the bottom and turned into a belt, I was ready to go down into that rabbit hole.

Day 98 - After

Check out the birthday cake too...

Mushroom Cake!!

Literally the biggest shroom I've ever seen. Luckily there were mini versions to enjoy...

Eat Me!

Tonight was way better than working at any Disney park, because I doubt they let their characters drink beer. I'd actually go as far to say they forbid beer. So, if the party was actually Disneyland or Disney World, I without a doubt, would have been fired this evening. I think I win.