Day 97. 268 days and $264 left to go.

I had a basketball game on the agenda for this evening and wanted to find something fun to wear (while staying in the same color theme as the Clippers) however I hadn't come across any jerseys in my thrifting. And, well, let's be honest...I'll craft and sew my face off for my Jets (my ode to Mark Sanchez is here on Day 43), but it's not like my heart beats for the Clippers. I just needed something red. Day 97 - Before

So, I went with this red jacket of sorts that I came across in my pile sifting. It was a buck and was a silk Dana Buchman frock that was probably used as either a jacket/dress/one-piece suit at one point? Anyway, I wasn't down with those three options, so I decided to turn it into two separate things by cutting it in half.

One, a bolero-ish piece.

Top Half!

Two, a skirt. (However, we're not going to play with this today. This will come back soon though as another day's piece :)

Bottom Half!

So, after cutting the pieces in half, I pinned under the raw edge on the to-be bolero and stitched a new hem. The sleeves were a tad bit big as well, so I took those in a bit. I added the new bolero, unbuttoned and sleeves rolled, on top of a black tank and hat and was ready for some bball.

Day 97 - After

Yes, I match the sign to the Staples Center.

Me towards the end of my Bud Light draft...

Yes, I had a delicious $10.75 Bud Light draft.

Everyone already began their trek home...empty seats=perfect picture spot

Yes, the Clippers had a pretty terrible loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, but there's really nothing better than a live game with great company, dancing kids on the scoreboard screen, pretzels and a guy vying for a year's worth of free JetBlue flights by making a half court shot. Unfortunately like the Clippers, he missed.