Day 96. 269 days and $265 left to go.

Now you can't really see the extremeness of these shoulder pads, but let me tell you - large and in charge. They were the bully to all the pairs that these eyes have seen before. The others didn't put up a fight when I was trying to remove them, but these...they were out for justice. We'll get to that in a moment. Day 96 - Before

Loved the electric blue hue of this silk dress. It actually fit great around the waist, but I was unhappy with those pads and the length of it. To make it work for me, I cut the dress as I thought that it would make a lovely top for the day.

Trim off the excess

Next it was time to snip off those shoulder pads. As you can see, they were heinously big - a little too big for the dress they came on, but I was confident that I would be able to take them down. And, take them down I did.

Trim the pads

After the trimming was all said and done, I added my charcoal jeans, black boots, a black H&M beaded necklace from a few years back, a black lucite cuff (a total ebay score), and some daisies and we were ready for Thursday.

Day 96 - After

I love the blue/black/grey color combo and think I need to recreate this palette again soon. And, the sun really helps too...


The rays were pretty much unbeatable today.

Ooh, and ps...because my collection is adding up, I decided to give them a place all their own.


We'll keep on checking in on the status. It'll be overflowing soon enough.