Day 95. 270 days and $266 left to go.

Okey dokes, I wanted something bright and fun for today, so I remembered this puppy that I came across last weekend and thought it could be the perfect thing. Day 95 - Before

Here's the deal - the shirt was pretty awesome and pretty much good to go with regards to size, however check out the frayed bottom edge. It's like whoever owned this prior to me had their own little ripping party where they literally tore off the bottom with their hands. (And let me tell you, it was extremely uneven, Jack the Ripper!) Not so cute with a big collar and slightly pouffy sleeves. Totally works for a vintage T, but for this...not so much.

The main thing that needed to get handled was the rehemming of those fraying, uneven, raw edges, so I grabbed the sewing machine, pinned under the bottom of the shirt and created a new seam. I ended up taking it up a bit too, to make it fall a little lower on me (right at where my jeans sit).

Post-stitched New Hem!

After a little stitching, instead of just wearing the top as was, I made a few adjustments. First, I unbuttoned three of the buttons on the shirt. Next, I took one of my cotton fuchsia tank tops and put it on top as a makeshift vest. (PS - I always thought I needed traditional vests to wear on top of collared/button down/blousey tops, but not the case. A fitted tank will do the same thing and tanks are lighter than traditional knit vests, which works for me right now in this warmish climate here in So Cal, however some of you may not be able to test this out until digits hit the 6's.

Day 98 - After

I wore some silver flats which you can't see, as I decided to go shoeless for this pic...

Close up!

It was a fun, light, lovely top for the day which made me get excited for spring, and ultimately for treats that only come out this time of year - Easter brings out the most delicious candy I've laid my taste buds on...the eggs of Cadbury. I'm not really a Peeps gal and chocolate trumps marshmallow any day of the week. Chocolate wishes and Cadbury dreams for me tonight.