Day 92. 273 days and $269 left to go.

Happy Sunday/end of Olympics/Canada win over USA in hockey. To celebrate the closest thing to real snow I've seen in a bit (thank you Vancouver) I decided to choose a white ensemble to signify the cold which I'm not having right now. Day 92 - Before

Hello white silky dress that has a big, heinous bib on the front and back. See those ties there that I'm holding up? Yeah, we're going to have to get rid of those puppies, because there is no way that I can roll anywhere wearing those.

First thing first...remove the bib!! PS, I could totally make my own Olympic pennant/bib with these...a little red/blue tye-dying and I'm the Flying Strawberry Blonde :)

Removal: Success

Second, after taking those bibbies off, I decided that I'd move forward in a blouse direction as opposed to a dress. I cut a mild V from the sleeves to the middle of the front of the bibless dress and sewed down the edges. I then took off a little over a foot in fabric at the bottom to make it more blouse worthy.

Cutting a foot off the bottom

Before getting ready to toss it on, I grabbed a pin from my collection and put it on the tip of the V. With jeans, boots and a hand and armful of jewelry that got me called Edie Falco in her Carmela Soprano years, my outfit was complete.

Day 92 - After

And wearing a white top totally called for a B&W pic to be taken.

B/W shot!