Day 91. 274 days and $270 left to go.

Happy Saturday! I have to say, this piece took a whole new form from what it began like to what it ended up as. Day 91 - Before

Now looking at it, it looks perfectly lovely to wear it as is - vintage pink 80s sweater, straight out of Facts of Life or Square Pegs. Tightly woven wrists, ruched shoulders, pilly knit ball accents, high frilly collar. The only ish I had was that it came up to my navel when I put it on. Don’t like to expose the abdominal area all too much in general, but with it being winter and the fact that my fair, Irish skin area doesn’t get as much sun in these conditions, I was nervous that it may actually blend into the pinkness of the sweater. Two words: no bueno.

So, I had an idea to keep the sweater pretty much intact - the only change was to turn it into a cardigan. This was quick and easy and completely done by hand. First, I cut a straight line down the middle of the piece. I took the newly raw edges, turned them underneath and pinned them...

Turn edges under and pin

...while I hand sewed a new seam to each side.

Post hand-sewing down raw edges

I found amazing floral buttons at one of my local crafting spots and thought they would be lovely little clasps that would be held together by a little bit of elastic. I sewed the buttons on each side of the sweater and then took a few inches of elastic, hand sewed the edges together, formed a figure 8 and sewed the center down for my clasp.

Elastic + Buttons = THE HOTNESS

And lookie at the final product...

Day 91 - After

I grabbed my figure 8 clasp and put each side of it around each of the buttons to pull the sweater together. Super cute paired with a white tank! And, the length of the sweater...problem solved!!


The best veg outfit for a rainy/sunny/rainy/sunny/LA can't make up its' mind afternoon inside and out including drum class (yep, it's pretty much School of Rock - there's like a 9-year-old wunderkind who blows us all out of the water) and some grilled cheese enjoying. Saturdays really, truly, simply rule.