Day 93. 272 days and $268 left to go.

So, it looks like yet another Monday themed in a blue direction...totally not on purpose, but now I may have to begin a trend. We'll see how many more blue pieces I come across and keep you posted. But, here's the piece for today! Day 93 - Before

Big, blue dress. Not quite fitting and biggish sheer sleeves, but ridiculously awesome embroidery on the shoulders. That was what drew me in - the color was fun, but the embroidery was amazing. First thing's first, I had to take the dress in to make it fit me. Trying it on post-re-fitting, I decided that I didn't want to keep it a dress anymore, but I wanted to turn it into a fun top. I ended up cutting it about eight inches below the gathered waist, giving me close to a foot and a half of fabric leftover (hmm...thinking cap is on for something fun to do with this excess). I rolled up the sleeves to my elbows and took a strip of fabric leftover from Day 84 and tied it around my waist into a bow. Jeans, silver flats, a bun, and a headband that came from my 1987 collection (going through plastic boxes in the basement of my childhood home before my parents moved was one of the best days ever - buried treasures galore including legit friendship bracelets which will make an appearance shortly) completed this ensemble.

Day 93 - After

And, I know you want to get closer...the embroidery really is gorge!!

ECU! (Embroidery Close Up!)

Lovely outfit to work in, cook some oh, so yummy pasta in, watch a terrible reality finale in, and ring in the first week of March in. Clutch.