Day 90. 275 days and $271 left to go.

When I first saw this, I literally thought box of Crayola crayons. A pastel rainbow striped dress that belonged in that cardboard box right next to Burnt Sienna, Cornflower, and Olive Green. Day 90 - Before

My photographer chuckled when I threw this puppy on, but even though the striped pattern was a little overwhelming and was a bit headache-inducing, I was determined to make it work. First, I had to trim the bottom of the skirt.

Skirt Trimming!

I took off a good six inches or so which lightened it up. My next step was to get rid of those triangular shoulder pads that looked like pieces of toast.

Pad Trimming!

Then, as the dress was still a little big on me and it had those pre-attached belt loops with no belt I thought about another way to tighten up without even sewing. Take note friends...this is a handy tool!! I grabbed a little bit of the excess fabric I trimmed from the bottom of the skirt (around three-ish feet) and looped it through the two belt loops. Check out the handy lil' image.

Excess fabric = makeshift beltage

And when putting it on, instead of tying in the sash the front of the dress, I pulled the two ends together, cinched it from the back, and then tied the fabric into a little bow. Also, as those buttons were not flying in my book, I took my fave emerald lace cami from H&M that I've had for years, threw it on beneath the dress, opened all the buttons down to my waist and got on my tan boots for a non-Crayola inspiring ensemble.

Day 90 - After

Here's a little close up of the sash I can see that the material is gathered a bit, which still does the tightening up trick without the usage or need of a sewing machine. I rather loved the little bustle that got created.

Sash Close Up!

Nothing rings in the weekend better than feeling just a little bit like Rainbow Brite, just sans a rainbow maned horse pal :)