Day 89. 276 days and $272 left to go.

Today needed a little hint of color, so I opted to go with the below. And, let me just add that "little" is an understatement... Day 89 - Before

Big, bold, bright, bloomin', begonias! That's right, a muumuu full of florescent flowers and a brown/orangey plaid in the background. It's kind of a big, hot mess as is. Too much of everything going on, plus it's rather big, so that definitely doesn't help. But, this one has the potential of being something awesome and something totally ready to be toted along to a warm climate preferably with soft, sandy beaches and margaritas or bottles of beer with red stripes on them. I'm completely open to either...

Before this puppy gets packed away, there is just a little tweakage to do. First I cut off about a foot and a half from the bottom and rehemmed it to a little below my knees. I've got a great amount of fabric left over which should hopefully come in handy soon!! Next, I took in both of the sleeves and a smidgen of the body of the dress. Needed to tighten it up a bit so it wasn't as loose as when I found it. Then, with the assistance of a vintage belt turned around to the back (this one is literally rope, which will come in handy if I end up on a boat at some point while wearing it), a little untucking from underneath the belt, some skinny jeans, and my go-to brown flat boots, I was ready for that vacation I mentioned earlier.


Unfortunately I don't have a flight to anywhere warm (or anywhere in general), so I opted to take Santa Monica Blvd. by car for a mile to TT's where we were magically transported to Vancouver along with NK via Sony telecommunications.

Day 89 - After

The stewards (ie. TT) offered me some wine (ie. a delicious melange of tastings) and snacks from a cart (ie. kitchen) while I enjoyed some athletic competitions (ie. Olympics) on my personal TV (ie. her lovely flat screen).


Must say, the wine flight we enjoyed was better than anything taking off from LAX today, that's for sure!!