Day 88. 277 days and $273 left to go.

Happy Hump Day friends!! Wednesdays' are my favorite as the weekend, aka sleeping in and not waking up to the racket of my Blackberry alarm (those of you berry owners know exactly the tingy, three ringed alarm bell I'm speaking of) is just around the corner! For today, I wanted something a little more profesh/dressy looking as I had an out of office, work meeting to attend. Now apologies for the slightly blurry before pic posted below... Day 88 - Before

This peachy keen puppy had gorgeous button detail on the bodice which is what I originally fell in love with. The ruffled neck and sheer chiffon sleeves with ruffled cuffs were also quite lovely, however it just made me want to break out in song - "A Spoonful of Sugar" comes to mind and I'm not going for the Mary Poppins vibe today. What I wasn't as in love with was the long skirt that came with the dress, but that was an issue we were going to tackle...

Scrap Pile!

BAM! The length of the skirt is no more...just a big pile of scraps. After cutting off most of the bottom of the dress, I was left with a shorter piece that was going to be crafted into a blouse with a little tucking in action to a vintage navy and white striped skirt that hung in my closet.

Day 88 - After

Taking a cue from my favorite Kiwi's, the Flight of the Conchords Bret & Jemaine...


"it's business, it's business time."