Day 78. 287 days and $283 left to go.

Spring fever arrived yesterday and is continuing its reign in Southern California. I can't deny these lovely temperatures, so I just have to go with it. I am watching the Olympics and slightly jealous that I'm not in a blue USA puffy jacket - Ralph Lauren did well with the Opening Ceremony gear this go around! Anyway, back to how I'm sweating sitting in my car...that means, short and airy paired with flip-flops. Yes, the Havaianas have returned, even though they haven't really been put away all that long. Day 78 - Before

I kind of felt like I was wearing doctor scrubs, but in dress form. This nightgowny/housedress was shapeless, had a high collar and had just ONE pocket. I don't understand these one pocket puppies, as I've come across a bunch of them in my scouring journey. It needed to be brought in a bunch and I wanted to change the neckline as it wasn't flattering. That was my first tweak.

I cut a slit down the center of the dress from the neckline as I wanted to create a V neck. I pinned each side under and got them ready for a new hem to be created. See the steps below...

One side pinned down!!

After both sides got pinned, I stitched brand new seams on them...

One side sewed, one to go!

Once the sides of the neckline were stitched and a V was created, I grabbed some scissors and trimmed off about six inches from the bottom.

Make it short!!

After the bottom was hiked up a smidge and rehemmed, I brought in the sleeves and the rest of the dress to make it fit me a little better. Now as much as I heart pockets, I had to say goodbye to the one that came on the dress. It was just too big and honestly, because there was just one pocket to begin with, it wasn't that difficult making that decision. It's just too weird to have a spot for my left hand to hang out in and not for my right. I didn't want to play favorites, especially not on Valentine's Day.

Day 78 - After

Post-stitching, I came out with a rocking dress. Something cool and breezy enough to enjoy some warm weather, garage sale-ing, Olympic/All Star Game viewing, coffeeing, and even a bbq.


Yep, the dress was the perfect lazy Sunday ensemble (or actually more like a lazy Saturday one since tomorrow is the bookend to our 3-day weekend)! Woo hoo that I don't have to worry about waking up thinking it's still the weekend like I tend to do on Monday mornings. I often hit the snooze button on my Blackberry alarm more than I should hoping that an NBA game or repeats of Saved by the Bell will be on instead of the traffic report during the Today Show. I just get to look forward to that next week!

Pucker Up!

Mwah and Happy V-day!. I have officially chosen you lovely friends as my Valentine this year - if I knew where you all lived, I'd send a box of those delicious Conversation Hearts your way to thank you for all your support and hearting of the blog. Instead, this link will have to's a little gift from me (and 30 Rock) to you this year! It never gets old...HAPPY VALENTIME'S DAY!!

XOXO Marisa