Day 79. 286 days and $282 left to go.

Happy Chinese New Year friends - special shout out to my girl EW - as yesterday rung in the Year of the Tiger! Woo hoo!! You know what that means...animal prints! Checky... Day 79 - Before

Pretty certain this could have been hanging in the wardrobe trailers of Dallas, Dynasty or Knots Landing in the heyday of shimmery leopard/zebra/tiger prints with shoulder pads that could also work for a footballer. Clearly those pads had to get tackled. Pun most definitely intended :)

Shoulder pads again :)

The idea of this working as a dress on me was something I wasn't really feeling, so I was like, blouse me, tiger print dress! After the shoulder pads were removed, that dangling sash was kept intact, but the skirt was cut off as well as most of the sleeves. Paired with my loungy jeans, my orange shades (because it's the Year of the Tiger!!!) and flips, it was a roaring success. Again, pun most definitely intended :)

Day 79 - After