Day 77. 288 days and $284 left to go.

Now I know it's only February 13th, but friends, I'm feeling a little bit of Spring Fever!! Yes, it hit Los Angeles like a big, warm tidal wave (no joke - the waves were serious today) and it is a wonderful little February treat. Everyone in the city was out and about which was awesome except for the horrendous mid-day traffic no matter where you were going and the LA Street Food Fest selling out...otherwise it was a gem of a day. And, apologies to those who are still dealing with the snow storms and bitter cold're more than welcome to come and visit :) This was the pick for the day...

Day 77 - Before

Little House on the Prairie, yes. Chloë Sevigny's outfit on Big Love, yes. But, let's be honest, I was not going for either of those looks today and probably won't ever...unless someone throws a Big Love dress up party where I could wear this as Chloe's Nicolette Grant. Then we're talkin! Until then, we've got some mending to do!

It needed some serious trimming - the length had to go, so I took off over a foot and re-hemmed the newly shortened dress. The body as well as the sleeves were a little big, so I took those in as well. I was thinking about turning it into a short-sleeved number, but the cuffs had some amazing lace detail that I didn't want to let go of, so it stayed long-sleeved. Lastly, the high collaredness of the dress just wasn't working for me. Because the temps were going to be a little warmer today I wanted to not feel so constricted - I turned it into a V neck! There was a seam down the center, so I easily opened it up to around my mid-chest area with my seam ripper. Easy tweak to make it breathable.

Wanna see the result??

Day 77 - After

Voila!! This one gets added to my fave list - I loved the way it fit and it was the perfect thing to wear for being outside all day. I put on my vintage belt and my faux Tom Ford-ish looking sunglasses and it was ready for the rays. I also toted along my most favorite zip up sweatshirt to toss on when it started to cool down a bit.

Me & My Caddy

The best ever DL grabbed this pic as I stood by the Cadillac pretending it was my ride. The perfect magic hour shot to close a day that included beers and the most ridiculous nachos I've ever had the glorious opportunity to enjoy. Yes, I took a pic for you - you must see the amazingness...