Day 76. 289 days and $285 left to go.

It was a sunny and gorge Friday, so I thought that a pretty floral top would be the best ensemble to ring in the holiday weekend with! As you can see below, it ain't so pretty right now. Day 76 - Before

It's plagued with an atrocious fluffy, crepe, layered, fouffy, collary deal. The entire thing went around the neck of the nightgown and to me it just seemed super clown-ish. I'm now not only getting stalked by shoulder pads, I'm also getting stalked by clowns...too much in a two-week period! Have to get both issues taken care of. The length is also a problem, but that will be easy to adjust.

Removal of fluffy collar!

Seam ripper came in extremely handy today, as I used it to remove that gross fluffy attachment to the neck of the garment. A lot of seams had to be ripped, but it was a successful surgery. One down, one more to go.

Pre-shoulder pad removal

There are those shoulder pads again on yet another dress I've decided to redo! Can I it really necessary for shoulder pads to be found on a nightgown? Even in the 80s when it was the hotness to raise those shoulders up, must you be doing it when you're under covers and asleep? Ponder that friends...if you have an answer, please enlighten.

In the meantime, I'm going to have a quick arts & crafts sesh.

Collar mouth, thimble nose and two eyes made out of shoulder pads!

Two successful surgeries (non-juiced shoulders and a non-flufftastic chest area), a belt to gather the über longness of the nightgown and make it more Grecian/drapey, my skinny J Brand jeans, Oxford heels from a sample sale and it was an ensemble ready for a viewing of Crazy Heart and an benefit evening of live Family Guy and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on stage with pals.

And a bonus...a free car wash for valeting my vehicle! As I watched Seth MacFarlane utter a few "giggitys" to the crowd for good measure, my car went to the spa in level three of the Universal Studios parking garage. Clearly I couldn't resist a picture in front of their signage.

Day 76 - After

Happy weekend friends!! Enjoy the 3-dayer. President's Day rules! xx Marisa