Day 73. 292 days and $288 left to go.

This red dress was of a thicker cottony material that just wasn't flattering at all. It was super 80s on the top - tight wrists, big sleeves, drapey shoulders, plus shoulder pads... However as today was rainy and chilly, I thought we could make this puppy work, especially with a little bit of layering and some turtlenecking. Day 73 - Before

To start, these big, non-same colored shoulder pads had to be removed. This seems to be the trend lately - lots of shoulder padding and lots of pad removal action goin' on.

Lady Hardin, what large shoulder pads you have

Seam ripper came out and got to snipping those threads holding the shoulder pads on.

Seam ripper & grey nails = Successful removal

After the shoulder pads were taken care of, the torso and skirt got taken in a bit. I also trimmed a few inches off of the length as well as half of the sleeves. Instead of tightening them up, I opted to keep them big and just make them shorter. I have some layering in mind for today, so this shortened sleeve will work perfectly. Just wait!

Cut a few inches off the bottom...

After all the cutting and seam ripping was complete, this is the final product!

Day 73 - After

Shorter dress, shorter sleeves, a little tightening up and it's Tuesday in the rain with Marisa. Putting on a black turtleneck underneath to layer (and keep warm), black tights, some gold/red/ivory trim from the fabric store that I turned into a belt, and my black military cap to hide the frizzies and the outfit was complete. When rain and my fine hair meet up, they aren't so friendly to each other - the hat just needs to mediate the sitch sometimes.